23 Jul 2013 @ 9:28 PM 

Okay this is my 3rd installment into my local marketing project. First thing I did to promote Rex’s heating was to place a few classified ads at AdlendPro like this one, click here. I also placed an ad at Manta.

Over the 4th of July weekend and following days I posted some comments on a couple of PR4 blogs after posting a HubPage article I wrote a week earlier. I guess these PR4 blogs are kind of shut down for a while as they haven’t got to my comments yet at this blog or this one where it tells me it awaits moderation. I did get my comment posted at this PR1 blog. I had posted one there the week before, but for some reason it didn’t get published, so I sent in the very short simple one on the 16th under the name REX and it went up immediately. I also posted comments at a few HVAC industry sites, but they don’t seem to publish comments at all at them. I thought I might be the first, but nothing happened.

Now the bad news, the HubPage link and the PR1 link do not reflect as backlinks, so they’ve been of little or no value so far. I also posted to an old Blogger blog of mine as well, but it doesn’t show as a backlink either. Only the links from this blog and AdlandPro are reflected as backlinks along with one from the Goshen city directory. So a lot of my work so far in this area has been for nothing. But I’ll continue looking for good places to post to via tools like Drop My Link. If these hard to find manual posts of links don’t start working better by August, I may go and purchase some link placements. I’ll post what services or sources I use when the time comes.

So far the SEO for this local HVAC contractor in Goshen IN has gone rather slowly, but I’ll plod along and experiment as I figure out what’s going to work best here.

Till next time, John

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 11 Jul 2013 @ 1:36 PM 

For future posts the title will just reflect the initials for Local Marketing Project and the post number on this topic and the main subject being discussed in this case Web Design. Thus in the future titles will appear as LMP2 Web Design.

Okay I am not doing any other marketing for the Rex’s Heating and Cooling business other than creating the website itself and doing the SEO for it.

You might notice the website looks different from the typical business website you see. Most webmasters just grab a corporate website template and fill in the business info and images. That’s the quick and easy way and there’s nothing wrong with giving a business the professional look that’s typical on the Internet.

My strategy is a little different. I did everything including the graphics myself and wanted a bolder and more personal appearance. Some might call it a more homemade appearance and that’s fine. This is a family business and I want visitors to feel more like they’re dealing with people than with a corporation. I want them to feel more comfortable and relaxed and the difference in appearance to be more memorable in their minds. Note that instead of using a single theme and simply repeating it for all pages as is usually done, I have given each page its own personality. Sure again it’s a lot more work, but it provides uniqueness that people don’t see too often these days.
Go ahead and click on some buttons, Click on the OUR LOCATION button for example. Note that instead of just posting a free map from a service, I chose to create a self zooming graphic map that has 4 autmatically zooming images with the final image being a picture of the storefront. Each image is 5 seconds long and the animated images loop continuosly. Why do the extra work? Because again I want uniqueness. This is my idea and I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s distinguished from any other on the Internet. It offers convenience in that the visitor doesn’t have to do any zooming themselves and they know exactly what the business building looks like when they get there (The Storefront). No looking for a particular address. So I take it from a map that includes the entire Elkhart County to Goshen IN, to a street map and finally the storefront. Of course as you can see I’ve included address, phone number and contact link. Also note I made the map a little larger size than some of those mini maps you see for those whos eyes need a little help.

Another benefit of creating this zooming map is there are zero competing ads or redirects enticing customers to other locations or businesses which appear with some of the free map services. Who wants their air conditioner or furnace customers seeing a competitors ad. Visitors don’t get distracted or redirected to another business or paid for ads or redirect service from the “free” map providers.
So if someone were to make a typical keyword phrase search like “ furnace repair Goshen IN “, they may end up on this page where they can see what’s on this page and map and hopefully make contact or move around to other areas of the website if they need more info.

If you have questions or comments on this LMP topic, precede your comments message with LMP.

Till next time, John

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 03 Jul 2013 @ 3:06 PM 


I’ve taken on a new marketing challenge that will require a lot of SEO work. I’ve created a new web site for Rex’s Heating and Cooling of Goshen Indiana.
The HVAC business is very competitive and will require a great deal of work to move to the front of the search engines for terms like furnace, air conditioner, fix furnace, repair air conditioner, geothermal, backup generator and of course the local area of doing business that includes,Goshen IN, Elkhart IN, Wakarusa IN, Nappanee IN, New Paris IN, Middlebury IN and Osceola IN and a few others.

As you can see I’ve linked to pages from the web site here. Some may consider all these links to be too much, even spammy and I would agree it may appear that way, but what I’m trying to do here is show you the kind of keywords and/or phrases I’ll be working with along with a few others. Someone may ask why I am posting the towns that Rex’s does business in. Well I figure most people that would search for a local HVAC contractor would be adding the town they’re looking for a contractor in to their search like; ” central air conditioner repair Elkhart IN”. So I’m thinking that the towns they do business in will be prime search terms added to the HVAC service they’re looking for.

I’ve kind of relaxed for the last couple of years resting on my laurels, but thought it an excellent time to take on a new challenge and see if I can succeed in an area I hadn’t marketed to in the past. That’s the whole point of this excercise, figuring things out and making things work. Since it’s a highly competetive field it makes it all the more challenging. With many national players along with innumerable small and local contractors to compete with, can I take a small family owned business to the first page of Google in a reasonable amount of time? Can I take on the monster home improvement companies with the millions they spend on marketing with a shoestring budget I’ve decided on?

Well stay tuned folks, I’ll keep you informed what I do to tackle this local marketing project as I go along and what tools I use to attempt to accomplish this mission.
If you have questions or comments on this LMP topic, precede your comments message with LMP.

Till next time, John

 17 Sep 2011 @ 2:55 PM 

Marketing with Digg

<img src="Digg image.png alt="Digg image 1">

We’ve come quite a ways with our discourse concerning web traffic generation for our web sites and leads production methods for our businesses. Once again, we’ll assist in opening doors and creating opportunities to produce business success. Let’s move our conversation towards a web site that enjoys quite a bit of popularity. I’m talking about Digg. Sure I know you thought I would mention one of my popular web pages like my free software downloads page. (lol). But we’ll stick with Digg for our message today as it can become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox if you were to take full advantage of it’s attributes.

Getting started is easy, just sign up for a free account and download their software and your’re ready to start Digging. Now when you land on a web page you like, you simply click the button the result being that you are “digging the web page”, letting the website know you like their web page. It’s just that simple.

A social oriented web site, Digg helps people find and share interesting content from anywhere on the worldwide web. Submitting links and passing on stories to be commented or voted upon is part of the activity. Referring back to previous marketing techniques we’ve discussed, Digg could be the best way to to utilize all of them. The more visitors that Digg a webpage and the corresponding website, (hopefully your website), the more popular it becomes. Assisting getting a website seen by more users, can snowball to more and more exposure. As you know the more exposure equals more traffic, meaning better for you and your business. Even if you are the only person Digging your website, that still gives you the opportunity that it may pick up other Diggers and become more popular. At the very least you get a strong backlink from a a highly ranked website. That alone is worth a little effort.

Therefore here’s a good example.

1. First lets go to www.digg.com.

2. At the home page you might see the pages that have been dug so far today. It’s one of the web sites that will allow a user like yourself to make your web pages available ro all. You’d want your page to be attractive to others so they will like it and Digg it.

3. It behooves you to encourage friends or associates of yours to make web pages also and to start Digging. The better you do the more encouraging to add other web pages promoting your business interests and giving a big boost to your website traffic. On this blog post, I’m promoting giving away marketing, SEO and webmaster free software downloads. it helps my business and gets my foot in the door with new web visitors and potential customers. Use some of these techniques and build your business.

Till next week, John

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 31 Aug 2011 @ 2:17 PM 

Offline Advertising

<img src="offline advertising.png alt="offline advertising image 1">

In our session today we’ll move away from our online comfort zone and discuss offline promotion, and how we can utilize it to bring traffic and sales to our web sites and business. Making use of offline advertising opportunities for our online business is typically an under exploited strategy that if done right can produce very profitable results with little competition from online competitors. For centuries there wasn’t any online/offline choices of doing business so all advertising and promotion was offline. it’s where business and it’s promotion was created. Look around and you’ll notice how small of a percentage of online businesses take advantage of offline advertising. The facts are, offline advertising can be very effective regardless if your business is primarily local, regional or national. Since online promotional processes are restricted to the Internet they lack the physical aspects of advertising. In some cases potential customers show a preference for dealing with real people and what they might perceive as a more real business.

Think of a product like software that can produce business leads for online or offline businesses. A two pronged online/offline approach can double your sales production or more.

Now if you’re just getting started with your web business you should concentrate your efforts online and probably leave the offline stuff for later on, though you don’t have to restrict yourself. Offline competiton can be every bit as fierce if not moreso than web marketing. Now in previous posts we’ve talked a lot about free sources to promote your business online along with some that require a monetary investment. Offline advertising primarily requires a capital investment that can be quite expensive. Newspapers, magazines, billboards and other offline advertising can be much more costly than many of the online sources we’ve discussed. You might find some bargains purchasing ads in local newspapers. Having good online and offline advertising strategies can be very effective and
with promotions on both the online and physical business worlds can attract
business from both sources. For example lets say one category for your business leads software are those that need insurance leads and would like to contact business owners. This is a type of lead that is highly sought after by both online and offline insurance sales people.

Now let me be honest right up front. Some web marketers have tried doing
offline marketing and had great success, on the other hand some have failed
miserably. But don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a try if you have a product or service that you think can attract customers from both areas. Offline advertising won’t produce SEO beneficial results, but it can get your brand in front of a whole new audience that can lead to more sales and traffic to your web site.

Common sense is a must and take the time to think out a good promotional strategy to target your prospects just as you would online. Again thinking about our business leads software example, you want to get your ads in front of insurance agents looking for insurance leads, or telecom equipment salesmen looking for business owners (telecom leads), that need telecom services, etc.. Take a peek at what all kinds of promotional materials and advertising that’s available to you offline. Learn about the best and most cost effective ways to utilize what appears will work best for you and your products or services and make the best of these advertising techniques in your offline marketing efforts.
Just like online, a little bit of trial and error may be needed to get to the best offline advertising for your business.

Till next week, John

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 11 Aug 2011 @ 3:52 PM 

Advertising at Ezines

<img src="ezine advertising.png alt="ezine advertising image 1">

Right now I’d like to speak to you or anyone regarding Newsletter advertising via ads in Ezines. Ezines are the web forms representing newsletters these days. Usually utilized by internet sites to update and keep in touch with site visitors, customers and clients. An example is say you are a serious web marketer and want to use video on your web sites, you would probably look for a web host that specializes in providing video hosting to its web masters. They are hard to find, which means you have to get the word out that the hosting you offer is a big step ahead of the vast majority of web hosts. Naturally Ezines are employed to write reports and keep readers updated on the Ezines topic, advertising and other varieties of data subscibers are interested in. Consequently the reality is men and women like to subscribe for all sorts of reasons and a variety of mailings. Currently the real key to finding site visitors and attracting them to our web sites using Ezines can be accomplished by simply sending to the Ezine or newsletter ads via email concerning your theme, product, or topic of interest. Considering that nearly all Ezines and Newsletters welcome advertising your ads are well received and can be directed toward several ezines and newsletters if that’s your strategy.

You may also spend cash to have your website promoted within these Ezines and some Nesletters. But there are plenty of opportunities that provide free access to get your message out. Prices may differ from one Newsletter or Ezine to the next one with respect of course to the quantity and quality of readership and subscribers the Ezine has. Many of the Ezines that charge for ads include a number of different advertiseing choices, depending on where the actual placement of ads within the publication and size of promotion. All other things being equal, location, just like with real estate is the prime factor in ad success. For individuals who tend to be absolutely serious about starting their own website or Internet business, several Ezine or Newsletter solo ads as a strategy is a good way to get recognition and attract targeted visitors. Of course purchasing an entire page of a single Ezine or Newsletter may produce similar results, though of course much costlier for the singe large ad rate.

You can begin simply by searching the Ezines which correctly targets your marketplace. After finding the potential Newsletters on your topic, in our example; video hosting and inputting your location at your chosen Ezines, it is possible to determine if there are many people already there who’ll possibly read your ads. It is possible to discover potential customers simply by inputting key phrases within search engines. Therefore as soon as we’ve seen all of the Ezines available, we can seek to find the best Newsletters to market our products or services upon. Perhaps we are able to additionally attempt evaluating the most effective pricing in order to maximize our advertising value while staying within our busget. Additionally it is crucial to see the actual newsletter’s conditions and terms, this particular data provides you with a good understanding about the websites advantages as well as client base.

By means of this system and a sufficient budget, we could commence today withour own Ezine advertising and marketing strategy and promote our own web pages like my video hosting web page. Thus considering that we have been previously signed up at our chosen Ezine web site, we do our research to determine it’s an effective Ezine to invest our time and money at. Yes, it can be challenging to do all the advance work, but good research makes for a better employment of a good advertising strategy. Thus when it is possible to locate a very trustworthy Ezine publication, commence advertising and marketing as soon as you’ve determine it’s worthy. Ezines are usually one of the better approaches to create a lot more revenue and also absolutely a lot more targeted traffic to our web site.

Till next week, John

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 02 Aug 2011 @ 3:38 PM 

Link Exchanges

<img src="Link Exchanges.png alt="link exchanges image 1">

Becoming a member of one or more link exchange programs could be a great way to get lots of back links for your site. It’s another area where you can submit your link to derive search engine optimization (SEO), benefits.

These hyperlink exchange programs are in fact composed of the confederation associated with websites which operate like web rings. This happens whenever webmasters sign-up their sites to some central business formation that operates the exchange to ensure they may receive back-links. So because of its complex framework and style, joining link exchanges might cost money although there are several sites available that provide services free of charge. In the many cases, this isn’t the scenario.

So, what these types of link trade programs accomplish is to regulate the entire linking procedure by avoiding the normal two-way trade, which most search engines, like Google don’t care for. Unless you desire to get submitted and end up rgetting penalized, whenever possible the choice is to be using the three-way linking procedure. So essentially, the procedure begins whenever you will connect to one person after which in turn that individual will connect to someone else, the procedure is finished when that third person will link back to you, thus the three-way connecting program. So the object is whenever possible to avoid the 2 way hyperlink.

So if you are thinking about looking into and trying this method, better learn the entire process first. Given the basic information within joining hyperlink exchange organizations, you’ll have a fundamental understanding on its inner workings. So my personal suggestion is by using this technique meticulously you can derive good SEO benefits when you submit your link. This process is among the better simple back-link generating techniques for your website. Chances tend to be, if your website is high-quality with good content then you’ll attract high quality sites that want to echange links with your web sites utilizing the 3 way method. High quality sites also need and seek out good back links. Prior to trying this out as well as before making any investment of your time and money, you might want to take an objective look first as well as make a genuine judgment on your own if it appears that it’ll work for you personally. You may want to do a link exchange search within the search engines and type in the niche your business is in, “cooking recipes” for an example. Then attempt to review the entire process of the linking plans you find. You may also run across honest evaluations on becoming a member of link exchanges. So take a look, and maybe you will discover yourself benefitting by joining in one of these simple programs at some point.

Till next week, John

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 30 Jul 2011 @ 2:56 PM 

Video Web Hosting

Good marketing starts with great web hosting

People serious about web marketing have to get their own domain and hosted web site. Now I know there are a few businesses you can work with where you don’t need to promote your own domain, but for long term web marketing success you’ve got to direct your efforts to promoting your own business interests and yourself.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will seldom if ever organically move to the first pages of a search engine a replicated web page from an MLM, network marketing, or affiliate site that may be passed out by the 1,000′s.

By having your own domain, you can simply make a “go between” page for any product or business. Then you promote your page and do your SEO work directed to your page and from your page you link to the replicated web page provided to you. It’s simple, www.yourdomain.com/productname or www.yourdomain.com/businessname. It’s just that simple. On your page you place a little good content about the business or product your promoting and include links on your page to the sales page or other replicated page.

Here are a couple examples of mine. Instant Lead Magnet, Business Leads Miner, Impact Web Audio. Now these are hyperlinks to my pages I’ve created for these softwares. If your were to just type the names into Google search, 9example type in instant lead magnet), or the other names mentioned and you’ll find them typically on the first page. Sometimes you’ll find more than one of my links there on the first page. How do you know which is mine? The ad links that start with mimbiz.com, or one of my blogs like webtrafficandleads.com. The idea is to promote and do all your SEO work on your pages from your domain. Promoting any of your pages helps your entire domain and you get your pages to the front of the search engines where you can benefit.

Now, that’s just a short lesson on SEO that let’s you know I walk the walk. I could show several more examples of products I promote and keyword search terms also, but let’s get back to web hosting, the topic of this post.

All I do is made possible by having good web hosting. If you don’t have a good host that keeps your site up and provides the tools and scripts to make your webmaster tasks simple and easy to do, then the whole idea collapses. Your effectiveness suffers and no one likes to have hassles to deal with needlessly. When choosing a web host look for attributes mentioned below.

Uncompromising Integrity. Something I personally strive to provide and an attribute I look for from those I do business with.

Commitment to quality support available 24/7.

Uptimes in the 99% range. No one is perfect, but close to it is possible.

True Video Hosting I’m not talking about the ability to post video hosting sites like YouTube videos. Anyone can do that. I mean to host and post your own videos on your pages. Many supposedly “unlimited” hosting plans don’t allow you to host any media on your sites other than images and many limit the size of image you can upload. If you have your own WordPress blog, just click on Add New Post, then click on an Add Media icon,(Upload/Insert), like to add an image, or other media file and see how large it says you can upload. My old hosting I was with for almost 8 years only allowed 2 MB uploads and no hosted video or audio files. This supposedly was a plan that is advertised as ” Unlimited Storage Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts, my sqls. etc., etc. Unlimited Everything”

Wow! Was I disappointed to find out the truth when I tried to host a video myself and load it into a blog post. When I confornted them about my “Unlimited” plan and not being able to host & upload a single 1 minute and 20 second video. They sent me a fine print paragraph hidden away deeply within their knowledge base that mentioned I could not store any video or audio media on my account.

That sent me shopping and researching for a new host. I thought my search would be short, but it took several months to find a good video hosting company. Whe I found one, the best part of all, the prices they charge are extremely reasonable and in many cases less than hosts that don’t allow media storage on your accounts. Video hosting plans start at only $2.49 a month! by the way, I can upload 500MB files on my blogs now.

Now you might say you like the benefits of video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, or others similar for the viral benefits. I like and utilize them also, but on my own pages I like exclusive control of my visitors. I do a lot of hard work to get people to my pages to see my videos. I don’t like that when a video ends, my visitors are then offered a variety of videos from other people. Quite often it’s people I don’t know competing with me selling the same product. If nothing else, these other videos are distracting and as we know, distraction and keeping a visitor focused is one of the biggest problems we have marketing on the Internet.

So by being able to host your own videos you can post them to the video hosting sites for their benefit in addition to keeping exclusive control by hosting them yourself on your own web pages. By the way, my video web host even supplies free software & scripts to create your own video hosting sites just like YouTube and others.

So shop around, do your due diligence and find quality web hosting for yourself that fits your needs and budget and accomplishes the desires you have to be successful with your business.

Till next week, John

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 19 Jul 2011 @ 4:26 PM 

Networking Power

 Marketing with networking

This is our tutorial about how to bring in more visitors to our own web pages. We have discussed numerous important training topics already in the past weeks. But there is certainly much more to look at as we move forward. Obviously you will find many more techniques and methods about our subject today if you look around for them. Today’s lesson is going to be about connecting with people by building networks and contact relations with others. Networking with other people especially in the realm of your own strengths is a terrific way to build your own base as well as your social and business connections.

 Many tend to believe that simply because we are conducting business on the Internet we have been restricted and boxed-in to the limits of the virtual globe. Exactly like what the majority of company slogans inform us, there’s much more out there to discover, even if this means that all of us venture out from the comforts of our own home to find our own personal surroundings filled with people within the sales and marketing field who we deal with that have similar topics of interest. Our training for today implores us to look beyond the obvious to get to the actual frontlines.

For instance if your website is promoting lead generation software you might want to take the additional time to discover the correct locations at which the targeted prospects are hanging out and interact with them there. So creating and expanding your business network will certainly help you in your own goal of effective promotion of your own products as well as increasing traffic to your web pages. If you understand networking you might be aware that many networking groups offer webinars, seminars or discussion board meetings. These communications avenues provide you a great chance where you can speak up and bring attention to your products and web sites. Becoming a part of these communication forums and business activities allows you to make friends within your network of people who may be of assisrance to you out later on. And we obviously don’t wish to do away with the genuine friendships that may be built by our efforts. Of course he absolute best time for you to find true friends is when you aren’t looking for them. But by building and possessing a genuinenetwork, it may take you to a higher level of relationship building.

So the main point of our tutorial today would be for you to reach out and engage others whenever you can.  So your own products as well as your web pages can be essential assets with regard to referral use. Your primary tool within networking ought to be the relationships and friendships brought about by your efforts. Most will certainly agree that benefits arrive after sincere initiatives and efforts to listen to and make contact with others. So by then with concentrated research efforts you can communicate with people and learn all sorts of things about how best to marketyour lead generation software to your market. So because you promote lead generation software you might consider other likely outlets like offline lead users as well as socializing with people further strengthening your network. Perhaps you could offer lead generation webinars giving away free software downloads as an incentive and when possible take the opportunity to sign up at forums with regard to Internet business and lead needs of marketers. So the advantage of networking may only become summarized ultimately as good buddies, and a flourishing business not to mention a boat load of ready and willing customers waiting around on the Internet as well as directing targeted traffic toward your site. Such may be the power associated with networking.

Till next week, John

 13 Jul 2011 @ 12:41 PM 

Marketing with Torrents

<img src="torrents.png alt="torrents image 1">

Regarding today I will be introducing you to another creative way to promote your product or bring more traffic to your website. We are going to do that by folowing along with the torrents flow. Although this is a somewhat unique plan of attack to obtaining more web traffic to our web sites I certainly want to recommend you take a look at this method and test it to see if it works for you personally. Torrents are files that store metadata that are typically used in BitTorrent technologies. A torrent file might incorporate URLs of various trackers and extensions used in the BitTorrent application.

Many would rather be utilizing BitTorrent because it provides users with the ability to transfer files quicker while minimizing bandwidth usage. Different from alternative download techniques available, using this technology increases download speed by grabbing various segments of the downloadable file from a variety of different sources on the web that already have the file. Because of this more efficient download method, torrents have been associated with all kiinds of illegal downloading including that of music, applications and videos. Now we do not want to violate any rules and kill our treasured creations with this download function. So we’ll create and upload our offering legally in the form of torrents. An example would be if we were selling lead generation software, we could write a free lead generation report as a PDF file Ebook and create a torrent file for it. By doing this interested parties can download our torrent file on the Internet. One of the astounding facts concerning torrents is that potential downloaders are inclined to make the assumption that your free report actually has substantial value like being worth $100 or more even though you created it with full intention of just giving it away.

Although our discussion here doesn’t explain all the details of utilizing torrents because of my limited knowledge at this time of their use. The idea of making you aware of torrents with some of the basic concepts about them should wet your interest in your possible use of torrents in your marketing efforts. So now you are aware of torrents, create yourself a file, do a little SEO, compress it and get it out there for download.

Utilizing a good application and methods, you might be pleasantly surprised how many downloads like the lead generation software report I mentioned or a report you might have for your offering. A good ebook will attract interested parties who have a hunger for good info. Once they download, odds are they will give your links a look. And all of a sudden you have a nice increase in traffic to your links. The challenge for newbies to torrents is to find the eight niches that are related to the more popular torrents used on the web. With the right combination you might make a lot of money while bringing in the traffic you want and need for a profitable web site.

Till next week, John

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